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New Wave Of Reviews


FIFA 10’s release date for us in Europe was the beginning of the month but for those around the world, including the Americas, yesterday saw FIFA arriving everywhere. Now we come to a really interesting point in FIFA’s release on next-gen consoles.

All of the European reviews have been glowing so far, with most scores being 9/10 – and rightly so with the gameplay being, in my opinion, the best that we’ve ever seen. BUT, not many picked up on the bugs, glitches and annoyances you can find in certain game modes (most heavily in Manager Mode, which sadly is the only mode I ever play).

So I’m interested to see what the review scores from around the world will be. Will they all be 9/10, or will they have read the various FIFA forums and be aware of these issues? One of the latest reviews you can see here, courtesy of 1up.com – thanks to Alexrstone from our own forums for the link – suggests the new wave of reviews might be more critical!

You can keep an eye on FIFA 10’s average review scores below.

FIFA 10 PS3 Metacritic rating / FIFA 10 360 Metacritic rating

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