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New WE2012 J-League DLC Info Revealed


This one is going to need some translation.

Moments ago @we_konami tweeted a new link that reveals instructions on how to obtain the J-League DLC pack for Winning Eleven 2012 users. Unfortunately, WENB’s Japanese is not what it once was, thus we can’t decipher exactly what the page is saying beyond that at the moment.

The tweet however says the following :

The official site has released the “Download Guide” that explains how to download and easy to understand the purchase of “J.LEAGUE ™ pack” were any questions further news #Winning Eleven 2012 J.LEAGUE pack.

Upon looking closer at the link, it would appear a patch 1.04 is in the offing for Winning Eleven 2012 at least. Could this patch if not the J-League content be on it’s way to all users across the globe? More info as we get it. Interesting…

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