Looking for WENB? Next Gen Base is now the new home for everything previously on WENB.

New WENB Community Leader Announced


Things are changing here at the Kitana Media Network. We’ve been stressing this for months now, and with September getting nearer, some of those planned changed are now taking place.

I’m now moving into a position where I’ll be looking after both FSB and WENB at a managerial type level. This means a more intimate relationship with EA and FIFA, and the obvious need for diplomacy from myself. Without the same forceful passion on show, the need for a new face for WENB was apparent. Lucky for us we have a natural replacement.

Therefore I’m happy to announce Alan Curdie is now the Senior Editor at WENB! He’ll become your best friend and ally when it comes to news and Konami correspondence. Alan’s been doing many editorials and reviews for us for a while now, and has earned the respect from the fans many months ago. I’m sure you’ll all welcome him into his new, more prominent role.

Like we’ve always said, things are changing here at KMN. I can assure you only for the good. Make sure you check out FSB on Wednesday to see just how much.

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