New Wii U System Update Out Now


If your planning on playing your Wii U at some point today, you will be prompted to download a new system update.

The new update comes introducing a variety of changes including the addition of a Quick Start feature for the Wii U GamePad controller. After the update has been downloaded, users starting Wii U with the GamePad controller can view the Quick Start screen, which features the icons of 10 recently used or installed games and applications. Users can start the game or software they want to use immediately without first loading the Wii U Menu. Quick Start is ideal for users who want to start playing games right away. Other changes include:

  • Users can now receive occasional visual notifications about new games and products, special promotions and more on their GamePad controllers. Users can adjust or remove alert sounds, choose whether to power up the GamePad when notifications arrive and even set hours when such visual notifications are prohibited (such as the middle of the night).
  • System updates, in addition to being downloaded automatically, are now also installed automatically while the Wii U console is powered down.
  • Easier Nintendo Network ID setup for new users.
  • Notifications (different to notifications on the Wii U GamePad) can now be accessed from the Home Menu as well as the Wii U Menu.

Be sure to let us know your thoughts on the new update via the comment section below.

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