New Xbox 360 App Announcements Coming Soon


Microsoft will soon announce the arrival of some new applications for the Xbox 360.

The Xbox 360 already has an impressive applications such as, Sky, Facebook and Twitter. YouTube with voice search ability through Bing is set to come this Christmas with the redesign of the Dashboard. Robin Burrowes who is the the manager of Xbox Live product marketing for Europe, Middle East and Africa had this to say.

“We’re working avidly to extend those entertainment partners, Nothing, unfortunately, to announce today. The announcement to be of more partners coming to the platform will give us that critical mass of content experiences. There will be announcements, so look out for those coming very, very soon indeed in terms of that space. The engine has been really built to cater to that additional amount of content.”

There have been rumours that Skype and BBC iPlayer are in line to be put onto the Xbox 360 although with BBC iPlayer it would need to be free to everybody not just Gold customers.The PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii offer the BBC iPlayer for free already.

What applications would you like to see hit the Xbox 360? Let us know below.

Source: Eurogamer

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