New Xbox 360 Update Pleases Xbox Live Indie Games Developers


Microsoft has confirmed a new update for the Xbox 360 has been released which sees the Xbox Live Indie Games Section receive a more prominent role on the Xbox 360 dashboard.

After the November roll out of the new dashboard update for the Xbox 360, various developers of the Indie titles on Xbox Live were concerned that the Xbox Live Indie Games section was being pushed to the back and not given a prominent role like it had been previously before the November release of the last dashboard update. After the update, the Indie Games section was hidden away behind a ‘game type’ button which of course, found it a lot harder to find than it was previously. Since then and with the new update available in North America, the service is now visible on the “top level” of the Marketplace section right next to tabs for Xbox Live Arcade and Games on Demand.

A full statement was released by Microsoft explaining the situation which can be found below.

“As you’ve now noticed, the Xbox Live Marketplace was updated to change the way games are surfaced to customers,” it read.

“Microsoft is continually working to better organise our digital game content on the platform and your feedback played a part in that.

“Part of this new organisation means that Xbox Live Indie Games now has a tile on the top level of the marketplace right next to Xbox Live Arcade and Xbox Games on Demand.

“Inside of the new Xbox Live Indie Games section, you’ll notice that there are New Release, Top Download, A-Z, and Genre options, as well as a rotating carousel that shows off Kotaku’s Picks, Contest Finalists, and can be used to house other content as desired.

“This update is something we are extremely excited about as it really brings Xbox Live Indie Games to a higher level of visibility in the dashboard. We believe these changes will help even more gamers find and experience the great offerings you’ve all developed for Xbox Live Indie Games.”

At present, the update has only been released across North America and no official release date for Europe has been announced as of yet.

Source: Eurogamer.

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