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News Roundup


Howdy there folks; it’s been a while since the last news update but there’s been a couple of newsworthy items brought to my attention over the last few days. So with the help of my trusty companion Nate the News Roundup Dog (see above), check out a few things you might have missed in the world of FIFA recently.

  • First of all, to unlock the Adidas Ultimate 11 team in 2010 FIFA World Cup, you’ll need to click here to get a code.
  • A debate about the forthcoming database update was started by World Cup producer Mr. Simon Humber. You can see the details if you click here.
  • Over on the official FIFA Facebook page, the results of a World Cup simulation EA are running are being posted (bit by bit). To read which teams have gone through in their test, click here.
  • On the same site, a motion capture video featuring Landon Donovan has been released. Click here to see it.
  • And finally, the following was typed from the keyboard of Mr. Humber regarding the World Cup database update due for release shortly:

The squad update won’t appear tomorrow.

The reason is that FIFA are not due to release the shirt numbers until noon on Friday, so since we want the players to wear the correct squad numbers we will have to hold back the update.

Once we have the info, we can make the changes, export the new [database], test it and hopefully have it available for Tuesday.

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