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News This Week?


Yep, note the question mark. Not 100%, but word is Konami are set to announce some news this week. Well known friend of the site Caniggia has updated his homepage of his own site with this post:

Towards a new PES experience

I sat on the bus on the way to Stockholm. Just when I moved on and the bus went off I checked my e-mail. Konami had sent an email saying that the version they had contained not worked and that a new version would come in on Thursday. Damn, I thought and thought about jumping in Jönköping and take the bus home again. Internet stopped working also on the bus so I just sat there and thought about what I would do in Stockholm. Suddenly the phone rang. Konami: “We have received the game” Wohoo – Back on.

I took the opportunity to ask some questions. It seemed that all teams were created but that the costumes and the like were not fixed yet. The special news that everyone talked about on WENB should become official on Wednesday. Zlatan was in Barca team, and the game feeling was “different”. Me and Erik at Level7 will brief you information when we can. Will see if I can make Twitter also with some special goodies.

/ Caniggia

So it looks like the megaton announcement will come Wednesday. Fingers crossed this time!

Make sure you keep an eye on Caniggia’s site here. Thanks to jameslv1986 for the heads up.

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