Next 007 Legends Movie-Inspired Missions Revealed


Activision have announced that Die Another Day and Licence to Kill are the third and fourth Bond movie-inspired missions included in their upcoming title, 007 Legends.

The official descriptions of the Die Another Day and License to Kill missions can be seen below.

In 007 Legends’ Die Another Day movie-inspired mission, the quintessential secret agent is sent to rendezvous with Agent Jinx to investigate the connection between Gustav Graves – a diamond mogul funding the development of an international space weapon called Icarus – and a North Korean terrorist set on unifying his country once and for all.  With Jinx’s help,Bond must chase down Graves, racing along ice while duelling against North Korean spies and Graves’ allies, all while dodging concentrated blasts of solar energy from the Icarus weapon.  After confronting Graves on his high-flying jet, Bond must prevent triggering a war between North and South Korea and escape the stricken jet before it’s destroyed.

In the Licence to Kill movie-inspired mission, Bond enlists the help of U.S. Drug Enforcement Agent Pam Bouvier in order to avenge Felix Leiter and uncover a vast international drug operation headed by an evil Mexican drug lord with terrorist connections – Fran Sanchez.  After detonating a massive explosion in Sanchez’s drug refinery, Bond will have to capture Sanchez before he escapes, ending in a brutal physical confrontation on-board a moving tanker truck.  Will Bond be able to avenge his friend or will he be killed by Sanchez?

David G. Wilson, VP of Global Business Strategy, EON statedL

“The method of picking which James Bond movies to include in 007 Legends was a deep and thoughtful process between Eurocom, Activision, EON and Danjaq, We took great care in selecting movies that helped define who Bond has become over the years, and ones that could be tied together in a compelling way to pay homage to 50 years of 007.”

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007 Legends will be released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 on October 19th.

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