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Next-Gen FIFA Details


The Xbox One reveal event has come and gone, and most of us have now had a good night sleep and time to deliberate over what we were shown. Although not much was disclosed with regards to what we can expect from the next-gen FIFA 14 on a technical and graphical front, this was only a reveal trailer with the main event (E3) still to come.

The Xbox One reveal event was a strange one to say the least, as some people left the event with feelings of joy whilst others felt underwhelmed. But our focus is FIFA and particularly what the new EA SPORTS IGNITE Engine will bring to the table come November. The competition have been relatively quiet about their new Engine that takes elements from Hideo Kojima’s incredible looking FOX Engine, but that won’t be the case come E3.

It is clearly evident that IGNITE has many similarities to the Frostbite engine that will power the Battlefield 4 and possibly the next-gen Need For Speed title that will be announced at E3. Certain members of the press have seen the IGNITE engine running in FIFA 14 and claim that the visual improvements are “strikingly apparent”.


So the Messi segment of the EA SPORTS IGNITE trailer was pretty impressive on the whole, and an article published today by T3 details more information about what the FIFA development team hope to achieve with IGNITE. The next-gen version of FIFA 14 will feature over 1,000 new animations, and interestingly 200 of those are dedicated to scoring goals. Throw in “four times the amount of decisions being made at any one time” and we start to wonder about an AI masterclass being a possibility.

The game engine further impressed the T3 crew, who added “the new physical play system was the focus, with gamers now able to distribute players’ weight to fend off the opposition or play to their strengths.”

“Your team mates also behave noticeably more like an actual team, with players making contextually appropriate runs, be they into the box or to cover, depending on your movements. You can also now choose to avoid collisions or take a hit for the team depending on the challenge.”

The promising news for any FIFA fans who wonder if the first next-gen version might not be worth the investment at this early stage of the console cycle might want to think again. Matt Bibley, the General Manager of the FIFA brand at EA Sports added;

“We’re not usually at this level till six to eight weeks before launch… We’ll have a hands-on build running at E3, that just wasn’t possible last generation. It’s all down to the engine.”

So off to E3 we go and our boys from the NGB team will be on Ground Zero to bring you all the latest.

Source: T3.com

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