Next-Gen Rayman Legends Release Date Brought Forward


If you cannot wait to get Rayman Legends on your PlayStation 4 or Xbox One then we have some brilliant news for you.

The release date has been brought forward one week and will now be released on February 21st. The next-gen versions of the successful Rayman title has seen the visuals upgraded and the loading time between maps suppressed. Players on both platforms will also get exclusive costumes for Rayman and Globox: Splinter Ray, Ray Vaas and Globox Vaas on Xbox One, and Assassin Ray on PlayStation 4. They will also be able to buy the Funky Ray costume with Uplay points.

There are also unique features for each version of the game. The Xbox One version will include 10 exclusive challenges to unlock new time-limited Achievements; while the PlayStation 4 versionwill allow use of the PlayStation 4 controller’s touchpad for actions such as scratching Lucky Tickets, as well as making and sharing screenshots and videos with the community, and using the PlayStation Vita to continue playing the game even with the TV turned off.

Are you happy that Rayman Legends has been brought forward? Let us know via the comment section below.

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