NextGenBase Now Has a Twitch Schedule!


Full Stream Ahead…

We’ve been fond of the odd live stream here at NGB for quite a while, with GameBlast, the E3 shows and an infrequent set of streams on our favourite games, but recently, we thought “What if we, y’know, take this thing a bit more seriously?”

So that’s what we did! Man of the hour Nick took the reins of the Twitch channel, and after some consultation with the team, as well as drafting up a few more bodies, we decided to put together a proper schedule! Every Monday and Thursday, we’ll be streaming at 8pm over on, with an array of games from our team. Ben is kicking us off this Monday, with a stream of Super Mario Maker 2 – so if you’ve got any levels you want to throw at him, send them to us on Twitter @nextgenbase!

Nico is, as always, deep into Destiny 2 so watch out for some streams from him, Nick will be entertaining us with a bunch of titles, as well as some off-the-cuff FIFA streams. Jonny, Kieran and Andy will be joining in with the hottest titles on their consoles, and new to the NGB team, we have Rich, Stephen and Rob! Rich is a Rainbow Six Siege wizard, and we’ll be bringing a co-op series to you when Rob and Stephen take on Divinity: Original Sin 2 as a duo.

We hope to see you there, we’re hoping to cultivate a bit of a community on the channel, and we’d love for everyone to get involved. Follow us if you’d be so kind, and if you’ve got an Amazon Prime account that’s not doing much, maybe even consider subscribing! It’ll give us a bit of a boost and you’ll get a personal thank you during the streams.

That’s it for now – we’ll see you on Mario Maker Monday!

Editor-In-Chief - NGB. Started writing for NGB in 2013, 3 years later I was running the show. I love what we do here, if you want to get involved, get in touch! PSN/Xbox LIVE/Steam - Winstano


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