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Neymar Announced as PES 2016 Cover Star


Following a bit of tease and slight rumour yesterday, Konami has officially announced Barcelona and Brazil’s Neymar as the cover star for PES 2016.

Konami know how to pick their cover stars, eh? Last year, Mario Gotze, the World Cup winning goalscorer and now the player who scored the decisive goal in the Champions League final. It’s fair to say he’s had a great season with Barcelona and might have a decent Copa America too. Not only that, no matter what you think of him, he’s cool and a global star.

As you’d expect, Neymar had his say about being PES 2016 cover star…

“This is a real honour for me to be cover star for PES 2016. The series has long been praised for its sheer level of control and utter realism and I am delighted to be working with such a talented team as Konami. I am fascinated by the huge amount of work involved in putting together the game and ensuring the world’s top players look and play just like the real things, and cannot wait to see myself in action as soon as possible.”

Well, going by the teaser trailer, I don’t think Neymar will have much to worry about when it comes to Konami representing him in PES 2016.

Erik Bladinieres, European Brand Director of Football at Konami, also had his say…

“Neymar Jr is a player that perfectly fits the PES brand, and what we want to achieve. His unique qualities and the ability to surprise goes hand in hand with the gameplay experience in PES 2016. In our anniversary year we want to celebrate the past, while look forward to the exciting future of the brand. We’ll do this with Neymar Jr leading our campaign.”

Yeah, he’s happy. Looks like Neymar will be playing a big role in the marketing behind PES 2016. Konami used Gotze pretty well last year so hopefully they continue that trend this year.

Last bit of Neymar related information, he will offered up as an exclusive reward in myClub for anyone who pre-orders PES 2016. More details regarding that on Friday!

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7 years ago

Awesome cover star!

Knowledge Power
7 years ago

Neymar is a brilliant cover star, very well done on getting him.

7 years ago