NGB is Doing GAMEBLAST 2020!


Play games, change lives, win stuff!

It’s a little bit later than we’d have liked it to have been, but we can confirm that we are, once again, doing Gameblast to raise money for SpecialEffect!

That’s right, on the weekend of the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of February, we will be live streaming as many games as we can physically get into the timeframe! Ben, Jonny, Matt and Kieran will be streaming for a MARATHON 24 hours solid on the 22nd from 9am, and there will be plenty of other streams throughout the weekend to keep you entertained as well!

Just like previous years, we’ve asked our friends in the industry to help grease your palms for donations, and we’ll be doing our world-famous (OK, our follower-famous) GameBlast Giveaways all weekend – We’ll have games, peripherals, and who knows what else to give away in exchange for a £5 donation at

We’ll keep everyone updated with the goodies we’ve got to throw out as and when we can, but don’t fret, we’ll have PLENTY of games!

SpecialEffect are an exceptional charity who help people with physical disabilities play video games when they otherwise wouldn’t be able to. They were instrumental in the development of the Adaptive Controller from Microsoft, and to date they’ve helped countless people get their favourite hobby back!

We’ve raised well over £5,000 over the past 4 years, and we’d LOVE your help to smash another grand – please head to and give generously – your support is invaluable, and it might just change someone’s life!

Editor-In-Chief - NGB. Started writing for NGB in 2013, 3 years later I was running the show. I love what we do here, if you want to get involved, get in touch! PSN/Xbox LIVE/Steam - Winstano


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