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Happy Threeday

We’ve missed a few days of NGBDD, because life, so we’ve decided to do a triple pack one for you today.

Vanquish coming to PC

On Wednesday it was announced that Vanquish was coming to PC, this month. Ashamedly I only played the demo back when it was released, some seven years ago, on Xbox 360 and PS3, but it was a good demo. As expected there are a bunch of visual upgrades to the game, although nothing too major. The game supports 60fps at 1440p with the ability to output at 4k should your hardware but capable. 60fps will definitely benefit the style of game which is ridiculously, but beautifully, over the top. As an added incentive you can pre-order the game, which will be out on the 25th, you’ll get all the deluxe content free. Definitely worth doing if you’re planning on picking up the game regardless.


Game Over

Then came the bad news. It was announced that various publishers are looking at dropping certain IPs due to lack of sales. First, it was announced that Square Enix were selling Hitman developer IO Interactive. It seems a strange move, especially after the popularity that the new Hitman game received. I mean, it made it to our No. 3 spot for GOTY last year. It’s still unsure what the future holds for IO Interactive and the Hitman franchise, but we really hope someone picks them up as they’re an incredibly talented studio. This news followed the previous announcement that Square Enix were to abandon the Deus Ex series, again, due to poor sales. Again, pretty strange is it received fairly positive criticism but I guess if the sales weren’t there it’s of no interest to the business.

Shortly after this, EA announced that they were holding off from making any Mass Effect games. Mass Effect Andromeda certainly had a rocky released but, again, it wasn’t written off as a terrible game. The general consensus, I feel, was that Andromeda was a good reboot for the series, giving good groundwork for the sequels. Well, we may not be getting them, unfortunately. It was stressed that Mass Effect won’t be killed off, but there are no games currently in development.

E3 2017

Back to happier news, Nintendo have announced their schedule for E3 2017. The Nintendo Spotlight will take place on June 13th at 5 pm BST. Not a lot has been said, as expected, but we can expect to see more Switch titles and a feature on Mario Odyssey. The Nintendo Treehouse show will take place immediately after the Spotlight, undoubtedly expanding on what was shown during the main show. We’ve now got all the times of “The Big 3” with Sony showcasing at 2 am BST, June 12th and Microsoft at 10 pm BST on June 11th.

Get your ass to Mars

Surviving Mars has been announced today and is the brainchild of the developers behind Tropic. The trailer, which can be seen below, is a little rough around the edges but sets the scene for the game perfectly. The game looks to be very similar to Tropic, Cities: Skylines, Sim City, etc. whereby you must set up a colony on Mars. It looks like there will be various inconveniences halting the progress of your colonisation, particularly random asteroids that destroy all the things. The game is out next year and will be coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


Destiny’s Child

A bit of Insider News for you too. The very first episode of our new Destiny podcast titled “NGB’s Destination Destiny” (no issues with acronyms here) is out now for you to listen to. The first episode is hosted by Nick and Nico and they’re joined by guest James Brand and they’re talking all things Destiny. So if you have a Destiny shaped void in your life, get to listening!

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