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Aloha readers, and welcome to a new feature here at NGB, the tentatively titled – NGBDD (Next-Gen Gaming Blog’s Daily Digest). NGBDD aims to bring you the day’s news in one easily digestible nugget, which will save you millions* of hours a day scouring the dark corners of the web for your fix of gamely goings-on. So, without further ado, I present to you NGBDD.

We’ll start the very first entry by breaking the format entirely, and that’s because an exciting thing happened at the weekend.

Star Wars Battlefront II

EA finally released some much-awaited information regarding the sequel to Star Wars Battlefront. Star Wars Battlefront II, not to be confused with Star Wars Battlefront II, was officially announced at the Star Wars Celebration last weekend and will be released on November 14th of this year. Following the teaser trailer, leaked earlier on in the week, various members of the Battlefront II dev team took to the stage and revealed the full trailer and it was a beauty. The trailer is heavily focused on the campaign for the game, something that Battlefront players were yearning for from the get go, and introduces us to Iden Versio and the associated Inferno Squad. There are two great things to take from the campaign; 1. this is a completely new story and is going to be canon in the Star Wars universe, 2. the game will focus on the Empire following the destruction of Death Star II. This is something that hasn’t really been explored in the Star Wars universe, particularly in the films, so it’s going to be certainly interesting to see how this plays out. Check it out below if you’ve not seen it already.


Of course multiplayer is still prevalent and this time it’s spanning all 3 Star Wars eras. That’s right, we’re going to get to play the Clone War era, the best era & the new one. As much stick as the prequel trilogies got, I was particularly fond of the clone/droid battles so this will be a right hoot to play online. The developers briefly mentioned some new mechanics being introduced to the multiplayer part of the game, each met with approval from the audience. Classes will now appear in the game alongside the ability to upgrade both your characters and vehicles and also the heroes themselves. There’ll undoubtedly be a load more announced at EA Play in June but already it’s shaping up to the game that Battlefront really should’ve been.

Smack your Switch up – Namco Museum is en route

It’s always great to get new games for a new console, but what’s better than that is getting old games for it! Bandai Namco has announced Namco Museum, a compilation of old classics releasing exclusively on Nintendo Switch. Games such as; Pac-Man, Galaga and Splatterhouse will be included in the museum and you can check out the launch trailer below. There’s no price or release date announced yet but with the addition of challenges and assumed online leaderboards there’s surely enough here to warrant £15-20?


Nintendo Ditch – Nintendo officially cancel NES mini in Europe

In a slightly bizarre move, Nintendo announced the cancellation of the NES mini at the tail end of last week. Whilst it wasn’t officially cancelled in Europe it was looking inevitable, and today it has been announced that it will be discontinued in Europe too. The NES mini completely sold out last Christmas leaving many struggling to get their hands on the tiny retro box, which is why this seems like a bizarre move. The NES mini was almost guaranteed to bring in the money, particularly as stocks were never really replenished from the holiday season. Maybe Nintendo needed a quick injection of cash prior to the Switch release so it’s served its purpose or, more likely, they’re not wanting to discourage players from using the virtual console on the Switch. Either way, it’s a bit of a shame for those that didn’t manage to get hold of one.

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*Estimated time spent looking at news, daily.

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