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We’re back, and this time a little earlier, with some news that has piqued our interest. Sit back and enjoy a video fuelled entry of NGBDD.

Grand Theft Micro Machines

It seems like Rockstar was so hyped about the Micro Machines release trailer that they quickly made their own version for Grand Theft Auto online. GTA Online: Tiny Racers is a new game mode due to be released on April 25th. It looks very much like the Cunning Stunts expansion, with a shifted perspective, but that’s by no means a bad thing. This will certainly be a fun addition to the GTA Online universe but I can’t help but feel it will be soaked with rage when your dick of a friend knocks you off the track for the 17th time in a row! As always, check out the trailer below.


It’s not your golf, it’s Everybody’s Golf!

Rejoice golf fans because Everybody’s Golf is coming to PS4. Taken directly from the YouTube description (video below), “Everybody’s Golf is one of PlayStation’s oldest franchises and originally debuted in 1997″ but this release is full of all the mod-cons you’d expect from a game today. Character customisation, online gameplay, free-roam maps and the ability to drive your golf cart anywhere, sign me up. Judging from the trailer this game would sit perfectly well on a Nintendo console, it’s got a very “Mii” vibe, which leads me to believe that it’s just going to be a jolly old hoot. I for one can’t wait to razz it up and down the green in my golf cart. Everybody’s Golf will be out at the end of August, the 30th to be precise.


You’re surge gonna watch this trailer!

The Surge, releasing May 16th of this year, is an action RPG that, quite frankly, looks ridiculously fun. In The Surge, you need to make your way through the CREO facility, laden with traps and bad guys sought out to make your life hell. One of the cool features of The Surge is the ability to target specific locations on enemies so they drop bits of armour and loot. This then allows you to wear the fallen’s garb’s in some macabre act of superiority but looks to be quite a unique twist on this genre of game. The Surge looks slick; stylish, gory and action-packed and I can’t wait to give it a play.


Sweet Justice

Check out the brand new trailer for Injustice 2 which showcases Brainiac, the criminal mastermind behind the games conflict.


The Walking Dead Episode 4

Episode 4 of the latest season of The Walking Dead will be released on April 25th and continues story of Clem, presumably. Look, I’ll be honest, I’ve yet to finish Season 2 and haven’t watched the trailer because of mad spoilers but it’s below for you enjoyment. Just don’t tell me anything!


Feel it running through your veins

From zombies to vampires, Bandai Namco is on a roll and has announced a new title – Code Vein. Code Vein is from the creators of God Eater and is an action RPG set in a Vampiric post-apocalyptic future. I’m getting a sense that this game won’t be a walk in the park and more akin to the difficult seen in Dark Souls games. This will surely be a hit for RPG and anime fans alike, with its stylised art style and assumed, less-than-average, story. Not a lot is known about the release of the game yet but we are told it will release on major consoles in 2018 so watch this space. Check out the teaser below to get a tease of what’s to come. Ah, so that’s why they’re called teasers.


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