NGBDD – Destiny 2, Splatoon 2 & Life is Strange 2


Two’s not a crowd

Life is still Strange

Nearly everyone who has played Life is Strange has said how great it was. Not just “Yeah, that game was great” but more “This game is incredible, you need to play it”. I’ve still not played it. My bad. With the incredible reception, the first one received it’s unsurprising that a sequel is on the way. That’s all there is to know at the minute. Having not played Life is Strange personally I’m unsure whether this will be a continuation or not, but I’ve heard that it’s a pretty self-contained story so presumably, this will be an entirely new story. Hopefully, we’ll hear a bit more about it over the coming week’s buts it’s reported that it won’t be making an appearance at E3.

Destiny’s Child

Destiny 2! The grand reveal happened mere hours ago showcasing a bunch of gameplay and other tidbits of info. What is clear from the off is that the game is hella polished and the story looks more… well, it looks to have a story. The game, as expected, is also coming to PC and, quite surprisingly, will run on Blizzard’s Also announced was another deal with Sony so expect some extra DLC and stuff. Also, NGB’s Destination Destiny will have a podcast out shortly with all the information you’d ever need. So watch this space (and the gameplay trailer below).



Splatoon 2 pro controller

Splatoon 2 will have a single player mode! Nintendo announced yesterday that Splatoon 2 will have a single player element to the game, in the form of “Hero Mode”. Judging by the trailer it looks like a hell of a lot of fun. It’s certainly a typical Nintendo platformer with bosses and the like but that’s fine by me.

Splatoon themed hardware was also announced and it’s safe to say it’s not for everyone. In keeping with the Switch aesthetic, the two joycons inherit the lime green and pink colours from Splatoon. There’s also a pro controller with the green and pink grips and some nice “splat” detailing on the main body. I wish Nintendo would stop making great looking games for the Switch because it only makes not owning one a hell of a lot worse!


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