NGBDD – Micro Machines, Titanfall 2 & Warframe


A bit of late one today but chock-full of fun nonetheless. If you’re a fan of tiny vehicles, monstrous war machines for F2p gaming goodness then today is a treat for you.

Micro Machines is back!

Big news today for fans of fun – a new gameplay trailer has dropped for Micro Machines World Series. Micro Machines holds a soft spot in the hearts of many and, I’ll be honest, I was a bit concerned when I heard a new game was coming out for consoles. Could it really live up the greatness of its forefathers? Well, check out the trailer and see.


Yes, it bloody well can! Micro Machines World Series looks to be staying true to its roots, pure arcade racing mayhem but with a little twist. When the game releases on 23rd June you can expect the usual race and elimination modes but arguably more exciting than those are the newly revealed battle modes. Up to 12 players can partake in the online battles, which reek of Vigilante 8, with a collection of different vehicles and weapon types across various different game modes; Capture the Flag, Territory and 6v6 Team Deathmatch. Not only that but the game will also support 4-player local multiplayer, remember that guys and gals? I’m mega hyped for this as it’s looking to be a true update of the classic games, in fact, I’m not sure what else they could throw at this announcement to make it any better. Oh, wait! Brian Blessed is also going to be narrating the game /micdrop

Get ready to jump back into Titanfall 2

If you’ve yet to play Titanfall 2 then shame on you. The game was a highlight of 2016 with an incredible campaign and equally incredibly multiplayer, in short, it deserves a helluva lot more recognition than it got. One thing that is a stand-out feature for Titanfall 2 is the free DLC, because everyone loves free stuff. The beauty about Titanfall 2 DLC is that map packs & game modes are released for free, meaning the player base doesn’t get fragmented. But there are also options to let you splurge your hard-earned cash on, primarily in the form of “nice looking” things.

A Glitch in the Frontier is the next instalment for the Titanfall 2 DLC schedule and it will be released on April 25th. The pack contains 2 new maps; Glitch and Deck, a completely new faction, a new game mode and some other cool bits and pieces to tart up your Titan. In short, there’s more than enough reasons to fire up the old Titan again and if the trailer below doesn’t hype you up then you may not have a soul.


Warframe – Octavia’s Anthem

Octavia’s Anthem is a brand new expansion for free-to-play game, Warframe. In Octavia’s Anthem, you embark on a new quest line to find the Octavia Warframe, a musically enchanted Warframe unlike anything seen before. You’ll also get your hands on a brand-new musical instrument which allows you to easily compose original music, which can be imbued with your weapon to rain down orchestrally dominating destruction on your foes. It’s not all about destruction though, players can also create and share their own tracks in the game, pretty cool huh? There’s a load more upgrades and tweaks as part of this monster expansion, which is available to play now on Xbox One and PS4. Want a bit more info? Check out the vid below.


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