NGBDD – Prey, Dreamfall Chapters & Bob Ross


No, seriously. Bob Ross.

The joy of Preyting

Today’s the day. The day for Prey. Prey is out now for PC, PS4 and Xbox One and it’s safe to say it’s had a bit of a choppy week leading up to its release. The demo released last weekend and was widely accepted as being pretty alright. Then came the Prey trademark dispute which forced indie game – Praey for the Gods (nee Prey for the Gods) to change their name. But hey, no publicity is bad publicity, right? Anyway, we’ve finally made it to the release day and whilst we can’t recommend the game yet, on account of the way Bethesda handles review codes, it’s out now! We’ll have a review up over the coming days so check back later to hear our final verdict.

Happy little Dreams

It isn’t only Prey day, oh no. Dreamfall Chapters is also out now on PS4 and Xbox One. For those of you unaware, Dreamfall Chapters is an episodic adventure game focused on puzzle solving and exploration. The game was originally released a few years back on PC, with the subsequent episodes releasing periodically over the following year. But now we have the remastered final cut with all episodes included. In fact, I’ll shut up now. You’re better off reading what Jonny thought of it in his Dreamfall Chapters Review!

‘Smite be the best news yet

World renowned artist, Bob Ross, is coming to a MOBA near you. Yeah, this is happening. A new Bob Ross game pack is being released for Smite early next week (9th May PC/Mac & 16th May for consoles) and it features a lot of Bob Ross themed gear. Yeah, this is still happening. The pack will cost 700 gems in-game, or $9.99 on Twitch Commerce and for that, you’ll get your hands on an exclusive Bob Ross skin for Sylvanus, a Bob Ross jump stamp alongside a Bob Ross loading frame and page. So if you’re the kind of gamer that thinks Smite doesn’t have enough Bob Ross in it, you’re in for a bloody treat.

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