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Codename: Project 7

The name conjures up images of some dark and seedy Government scheme but in reality, it’s the placeholder title for Remedy’s next game. Not a lot is known about Project 7 other than it being a third-person action game set in an entirely new universe. The game is built on Remedy’s Northlight engine, as expected, and is said to feature an intriguing story and game structure offering a long-lasting experience. 505 Game obviously have faith in Remedy has they have just signed a €7.75m deal for a year 20-year exclusive publisher deal for the game. This will also be the first time a Remedy game has been released across all major platforms, currently; PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Paladins out now on PS4 & Xbox One

If the subtitle wasn’t obvious enough, Paladins is out now on PS4 and Xbox One. Paladins is technically still in beta but is now open to all, and completely free to play. It released on the PC around the same time as Overwatch and has had great success. That isn’t the only similarity with Overwatch though as the game shares similar graphical and gameplay styles. Paladins is heavily player-skill based and has a large roster of playable characters. There is also a card system tied into the game that lets you “upgrade” your character and it’s play style. Check out the trailer below and give it a shot, it is free after all.


Prey launch trailer

The Prey demo was released at the tail end of last week and has been met with applause. I’ve seen a number of people on Twitter saying how much they enjoyed it, which is nice. If you haven’t tried the demo out yet you can always check out the new launch trailer instead. It’s like watching someone play the game for you, genius. Prey will release at the end of the week and with it’s Bioshock x F.E.A.R x Dead Space vibes it’s looking like it’ll definitely be one to pick up.


The Division free play weekend

Tom Clancy’s: The Division is getting a free play weekend this week, across all platforms. Starting tomorrow, until Sunday, you can try out the full standard edition of the game including the Dark Zones. It’s also said that if players choose to purchase the game after playing they’ll receive hefty discounts.


Yesterday Playtonic Games announced that they’re working on an imminent update for Yooka-Laylee. The update is set to fix camera issues, something that many people complained about, alongside some other bits n bobs including the ability to skip dialogue and bypassing cutscenes. The Switch version is also still on the way and will include this latest update as standard.

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