NGB's Most Anticipated Games of 2016


With 2016 a couple of weeks old, I decided to rally the troops here at NGB and get together our collective top ten of games we’re looking forward to in 2016.

It’s shaping up to be another great year in gaming, with so many big titles (new IPs and sequels) scheduled or due to come out. Let’s just hope the delays are kept to a minimum, eh? Seriously though, putting this piece together made us all realise the quality or potential quality is coming out in 2016.

Apologies if your most anticipated game(s) didn’t make into our top ten, but feel free to let us know in the comments. Anyway, enough of me rambling, here is out top ten…

10. Dark Souls III

Aaron S: From Software has learned a few things from Bloodborne, and the series is back in its rightful hands. I have a feeling that Dark Souls III might be the successor to Dark Souls that series veterans have been waiting for. For the rest of us, we just want another chance to be pummelled, spit and trodden on. Masochism, never felt so good.

Asim: I’ve always been an admirer of the Souls series, but never really got into them properly. However, having reviewed and played Bloodborne to death, I can’t wait to get my hands on Dark Souls III and be put through mental torture again. From Software’s PS4 marvel finally made me get why people hold the Souls series in such high regard. Given that Miyazaki is back at the helm for Dark Souls III and it’ll have elements of Bloodborne’s quicker pace… Yeah, I can’t wait.

9. The Last Guardian

Aaron S: The excitement at even the whisper of this title’s name should tell you that this has the potential to be something really special. Fumito Ueda has a knack for creating serene, engaging games that tell a story without a single word ever being uttered. It can only be described as brilliance. Hopefully this title sees the light of day in 2016 and lives up to the hopes/expectations of many.

Asim: ICO and Shadow of the Colossus are two of my favourite games ever, so it’s kind of natural that I’m looking forward to The Last Guardian. I can’t describe how happy I was when it was re-revealed at E3 last year! It might not be the most conventional game, widely loved or even the best selling, but you can count on Fumito Ueda and his team to create something brilliantly unique. I just hope Sony stick to the 2016 release date.

8. Hitman and Persona 5

Ben: After the Michael Bay-esque last outing, Hitman looks to be going back to its roots. Massive crowds, interactive environments and a plethora of ways to take your target out has me excited to step back into Agent 47’s shoes.

Robin: I’m still not convinced by the episodic/pay as you play approach iO Interactive are taking with the release of the latest Hitman. However, from what we have seen (especially the luscious Italy-based trailer), it seems like the team have learnt their lessons from Absolution and are returning to something a little more akin to the open choice stealth of Blood Money.

Deb: It feels like I have been waiting for P5 forever (over 2 years to be exact!) so here’s hoping that it will suffer no more delays! I love my JRPG’s with Persona now ranking at the top of my list. It has everything I could ever want: stylish graphics, a great plot, the best musical composition and fantastic gameplay. P5 promises a new twist and a devilishly handsome protagonist too! There is always something about a bad boy and a mask…

Adam: I’d never actually played a Persona title until certain members of the NGB team recommended it to me. That game was Persona 4 Golden, now one of my favourite games of all time. For that and many other reasons (it’s an awesome RPG), I’m extremely excited to play Persona 5 in 2016.

Robin: Japanese RPGs really aren’t my thing at all – apart from the Persona games. Persona 3 was a surprise for me on Playstation 2 – it’s mix of Japanese culture, dungeon crawling and social management seemed to create the perfect storm. As long as making friends and creating social bonds is still a large part of Persona 5, I’ll invest another 120+ hours into this one.

7. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst

Robin: After waiting over six years, this is finally happening. The first Mirror’s Edge was unlike anything else, and married unique action gameplay with a tremendous ambient soundtrack. Can the sequel measure up you ask? From what I played of it at E3, I’d say it’s shaping up very well.

Aaron S: Mirror’s Edge for some reason or the other didn’t live up to its promise for a lot of people. I however found it refreshing and different. There have been titles like Dying Light that have “borrowed” elements of this game, but none in my opinion have made it feel so satisfying. There’s something about bouncing off walls with immaculate execution that feels so rewarding in Mirror’s Edge. I’ve been waiting for this sequel for a very long time!

6. The Division

Charles: Hands down my most anticipated game! Since seeing the first trailer nearly 2 years ago now, I’ve felt that The Division could be the bench mark that truly marks the arrival of “next-gen” games. Last year we saw a lot of familiar titles that I personally feel didn’t challenge the field. What did it for me? The fact the the character in the trailer closed a car door as he moved down the length of the car being used for cover. It’s a simple touch that hopefully promises thought and consideration has gone in to this title from the word go.

Aaron M: There is so much I’m looking forward to about this game; a third person, open world shooter with RPG elements and a fully drop in, drop out campaign. You also have the weather effects, impacting aiming, and a day/night cycle system that determines enemy behaviour. Then you have the Dark Zone; a PvP mode where higher end items can be found and a unique progression system. Yeah, I can’t wait.

Deb: I have always confessed to not being into shooters, well more precisely my lack of skill with them and so I have never before wanted to touch a Tom Clancy game, until now. When The Division was first revealed the story, concept and environment captivated me and despite all my inhibitions I told myself ‘I must play this!”. That feeling has stuck with me all this time and this is the first shooter that has truly excited me enough to say “Screw my lack of skill and experience, I will own this!”.

Nick: The all-powerful and occasionally all-knowing Wikipedia tells me that The Division is an open world, third-person shooter, role-playing, online game with survival elements. But it’s not an MMO, we know that. From what has been seen and talked about, though, there seems a great deal to be intrigued about Ubisoft’s latest Tom Clancy title, that seems to be doing thing a little different that other titles in the series. Certainly one I’m keen to get stuck into.

5. Final Fantasy XV

Deb: It has been seven years since we had the last proper instalment from Final Fantasy. Yes, seven years! My love for JRPG’s and Final Fantasy knows no bounds. The graphics have always been a spectacular feast for the eyes and this instalment seems to be the most dynamic yet! It’s not just the graphics that gives the series a place in my heart, the stories have always captivated me and the masses. The open road and this more modern world has been beckoning me and personally I can’t wait to dive into this sausage fest!

Adam: My most anticipated title of 2016. Square Enix has confirmed that it is coming this year, and I can’t wait. It has so much hype around it, blowing my expectations through the roof. If it delivers (and I hope it does), it might as well get my game of the year vote now.

Aaron M: This is one game I really want to be good. Seeing as Final Fantasy XIII never appealed to me (with the exception of XIII-2), I have been yearning for this game for a while now. It looks gorgeous, and the open world is the direction Final Fantasy should be going. I can’t wait to play it.

4. Mass Effect: Andromeda

Asim: I fucking love the Mass Effect series. To me, it’s the best series of Star Wars games that have never been made. The universe (or galaxy in this instance) is so incredibly deep, filled with different planets and races. Not only that, each one has its own unique story to tell. Throw in a great balance of RPG elements, action and tough choices to make, well, you have a winner. Metal Gear aside, it’s quite possibly one of my favourite series ever. Yes, seriously, it’s that good. Just give it to me now. Please.

Aaron S: My love for the Mass Effect series can not be understated. Did I disagree with some design choices? Yes! Did it ruin what on the whole was a strongly executed trilogy? Absolutely not! If they can expand on the exploration side, and re-assert some of the RPG elements that gradually got pushed to the wayside as the series progressed; Mass Effect and I will continue our long lasting love affair.

Ben: Never before have I been so surprised as when I picked up Mass Effect 2 for a fiver and became incredibly engrossed. As someone who isn’t normally an RPG person, the Mass Effect series has its hooks in me. Not a lot is known about andromeda, but here’s hoping for a big E3 reveal and showcase, because I want to see where the galaxy goes post-Shephard

Nick: The original Mass Effect series helped define an entire generation of console era, so it stands to reason that this one is particularly highly-anticipated. What’s more is the fact that it stands to create a whole new story, separate from the trilogy, which is ultimately intriguing by itself. Details are thin and even a 2016 release date at all still might hang in the balance, but if the previous games are anything to go by, we know it’ll be big, bold and beautiful.

Deb: Anyone that knows me well enough can tell you I’m a Mass Effect fanatic! I can never put it down, I have cried more times than I care to admit and so it will come as no shock that Andromeda has me the most excited for 2016 (so long as it sticks to schedule). Sadly it has been teased and teased, with little actually given away but it is this mystery that has me gripped in anticipation!

3. Quantum Break

Asim: Even as a fan of Remedy’s previous work, I didn’t expect to be excited about Quantum Break. That was until I saw it behind closed doors at gamescom last year. Man, it looked damn good. Another “out there” story by Remedy combined with great visuals, intense action and all sorts of time manipulation… Yeah, I was blown away. I even think, if they position it without it being too in-your-face, the TV series part of could work. I’m all for games trying some different, so I hope they manage to pull it off. Either way, from a purely game point of view, I’m excited.

Gari: I loved Alan Wake, so when I saw that Remedy were back making something new and fresh with Quantum Break, it made me a very happy man. It looks incredible, and with all the re-releases and sequels being churned out, it’s great to see something unique like Quantum Break appear in 2016.

Robin: I honestly couldn’t care less that there is a television mini-series being developed to partner Quantum Break, but any game from the Max Payne and Alan Wake stable is going to be high on my list. Add time manipulation elements into the mix, and a title that veers ever so close to getting confused with Quantum Leap, and oh boy – am I excited.

Ben: Having recently joined the ranks of Xbox One owners, I can legitimately get excited about playing the exclusives now, and Quantum Break certainly intrigues. I just hope Remedy bring their A game and the weird TV stuff doesn’t overshadow the gameplay.

Andy: Disclaimer; I don’t own an Xbox One, but Quantum Break is a game that is pushing me to get one. An action adventure game with branching live action TV show sections, time bending mechanics and a recognisable Hollywood cast, this one is certainly an intriguing prospect from the studio that brought us Max Payne and the flawed but smart Alan Wake.

2. The Legend of Zelda (Wii U)

Aaron S: If you’re a self proclaimed Zelda fan (like me) and this is NOT at the top of your most wanted list, then you’re lying to yourself and we can’t be friends. The series is one with a lot of history, but it seems like Nintendo are shaking things up a little this time. Whether it ends up being a step in the right direction or not is yet to be decided, but I’m excited.

Charles: As a huge fan of the series, any new Zelda was always going to peak my interest. With no confirmed release date, the anticipation is both high and close to unbearable, but Nintendo can take as long as they want as to make what IS going to be another fantastic instalment.

Andy: This could well turn out to be delayed once again and even moved to Nintendo’s next-gen machine ala Twilight Princess, but there’s no denying that what has been shown of the new Zelda so far is utterly breathtaking. With a gorgeous open world and the promise of an overhaul to the mechanics in general, this is my most anticipated game of 2016.

Nick: The Wii U has recently had a small flourish of great titles such as Super Mario Maker and the expansive Xenoblade Chronicles X, but many gamers are clinging on to their dusty Wii U consoles for one thing and one thing only; The Legend of Zelda. Even with only a few mouth-watering teasers of the visually stunning landscapes and the heart-breaking release date delays, there’s still nothing that gets my inner ten year old all giddy as much as an upcoming iconic Nintendo release.

1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Gari: In case you didn’t know, I’m a huge fan of the Uncharted series. From what I’ve seen of Uncharted 4 so far, it looks absolutely incredible. Nathan Drake’s “final” escapade looks like it will be the most epic ride yet. It’s my most anticipated game of 2016 by quite some distance and with the talent of Naughty Dog at the helm again, I’m certain it won’t disappoint. Roll on April!

Andy: With the news that Uncharted 4 is possibly going to be the last game in the series, there’s also an expectation that Naughty Dog will pull out all the stops to make this one hell of a game. As a huge fan of the Uncharted series, I can’t wait to spend time with Nathan Drake one more time.

Ben: Naughty Dog have proven they know the ps4 hardware with the flawless remaster of the last of us. However, it’s how far they can push it with Drakes next outing that has me excited. Looking forward to eye poppingly gorgeous visuals and some wise cracks from Nate, although there is a fear of them retreading the same ground again.

Adam: April cannot come around quick enough. The Uncharted Collection has reminded me just how good the series is (reminder to complete Uncharted 3), pushing my excitement levels for Uncharted 4 even higher than before. Plus, what Naughty Dog has shown off so far looks damn good.

Aaron M: I’m incredibly excited to see what the “final” Uncharted game will deliver. Naughty Dog has always improved the series with each release, so if history is anything to go by then Uncharted 4 is sure not to disappoint.

Asim: Uncharted 4. Naughty Dog. PS4. That’s all I need to say. *mic drop*

Oh look, we have a video too. Listen/watch us talk about our most anticipated games of 2016. 🙂



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