Nintendo 3DS XL Announced


Nintendo have announced the Nintendo 3DS XL which will be released in Europe on July 28th.

The Nintendo 3DS XL comes with a 90 percent larger screen. It will be available in Silver + Black, Red + Black and Blue + Black. The new system’s battery life outperforms that of the original Nintendo 3DS, and it comes bundled with a 4 GB SD card, which owners can use to store content such as downloadable games and videos directly from the Nintendo eShop.

Although it has a bigger screen, Nintendo will still release it at a reasonable purchase price although it will not come packed with an AC adapter.

Also coming on July 28th alongside the new 3DS XL is New Art Academy. The larger screens of Nintendo 3DS XL mean players will have even more room to unleash their creativity while participating in art lessons that teach real-world drawing and painting techniques. Freakyforms Deluxe Your Creations, Alive! will also be released which sees players bring their very own creatures to life.

Are you interested in the Nintendo 3DS XL? Let us know via the comment section below.

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