Nintendo Launch Official Nintendo UK Customer Support Centre


Nintendo UK has launched the Official Nintendo UK Customer Support Centre which provides players answers to questions they have about the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS or the Nintnedo 3DS as well as offering a fast and reliable repair service.

Customers who wish to take advantage of the repair service will be offered an initial inspection of their device free of charge which include free shipping for the console and or accessories. There are no obligations however if customers do require their device to be repaired, they will receive them back within 7 days. Game consoles that are still under warranty will get their repair for free and will be returned with a new one-year warranty.

The simple online application that also includes pictures of all of Nintendo’s products covered by their repair system in order for easy identification. Customers are also sent postage labels free of charge.  Customers will also be entitled to advice on topics including connecting to the internet, gameplay advice, or trouble with accessories.The online portal will answer a vast amount of common questions in the form of self-help articles. Those who prefer a more personal answer, there is a dedicated customer service team in order to answer questions over the phone.

For more information on the Official Nintendo UK Customer Support Centre, visit the official wesbite or ring 0845 60 50 247. Be sure to let us know your thoughts via the comment section below.

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