Nintendo Pocket Football Club Coming Next Week


The chance to become a football manager on the Nintendo 3DS will be here next week when Nintendo release the downloadable title, Nintendo Pocket Football Club.

Nintendo Pocket Football Club gives managers the chance to lead a team of pint-sized players from humble beginnings to future glories, train up your team and choose to take on fellow managers via online play, and compete to be ranked as one of the ‘Top 100 Teams’ in Europe on the Nintendo Pocket Football Club Stats website.

Of course, players must take the first steps in managing their club by deciding on a name, kit and emblem. Decisions all need to be made at the Team Camp when discovering your best starting line-up and tactics. To improve your players’ performances, Training Cards found during matches are the key to helping your players reach their full Potential, with the ability to combine cards to discover Special Combos and enhance your players’ attributes even further. Only by experimenting with Training Cards, tinkering with your team selection, and getting your players plenty of game time will you start to see results pay off on the pitch.

It is available via both single player and against friends in a Local Match. Players can also receive unique new opponents via SpotPass for friendly match practice, or swap data with fellow NPFC owners through StreetPass encounters to take on their teams and secure more Training Cards in the process. If you’re feeling particularly benevolent towards your fellow managers, you can even share your star performers using the Friend Market, with NPFC owners on your Nintendo 3DS friend list therefore also able to have your top performers in their side.

The official NPFC website will show how you are fairing against other players in the world when playing Ranking Matches against other players. It will show the Top 100 in Europe and also boasts a ranking feature showing the ‘Top 100 Teams’ from the same country as your club. Keep an eye out also for SpotPass messages delivered from launch which will invite you to participate in set tournaments – just another way to boost your managerial skills and go head to head with fellow bosses.

Nintendo Pocket Football Club will be available on April 17th via the Nintendo eShop and will offer a launch price of £10.49 (until May 1st). It will then be available after for £13.49. Be sure to let us know if you will picking this up via the comment section below.

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