Nintendo Releases 10 Virtual Console Games for Nintendo 3DS Ambassadors


Nintendo have released the first 10 games for download from the Nintendo eShop, as part of their Nintendo 3DS Ambassador programme.

The games, which are Classic NES game, include Super Mario Bros™, The Legend of Zelda™, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, NES Open Tournament Golf, Donkey Kong Jr.™, Balloon Fight™, Wrecking Crew™, Ice Climber™, Metroid™ and Mario & Yoshiand are available from today.

So how do you get these free games? Nintendo’s instructions are below:

All those who purchased Nintendo 3DS and accessed Nintendo eShop or conducted the recent system update prior to 12th August are eligible for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme and will simply have to visit the Nintendo eShop, click on the “Menu” button, select “Settings/Other” and download your ten free games from the “Title You’ve Downloaded” option. Remember to also download your “Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Certificate” as you will then receive further information on your ten remaining free Virtual Console Game Boy Advance titles via SpotPass™ later in the year.

So there it is. Get downloading and bask in the nostalgia, if you’re eligible.


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