Nintendo Reveal UK Wii U 'Midnight Launch' Plans


Nintendo has announced details of the official UK midnight launch venue for their upcoming console, the Wii U.

HMV’s flagship store in Oxford Street, London will be the official venue for the UK launch of the Wii U which goes on sale from November 30th. Nintendo also revealed that the first 100 people in the queue will bag a copy of Super Mario Bro U and another selected title and the next 100 customers after that will receive a £5 discount off Wii U hardware or software. All customers that attend will also be taking home a goody bag as well. HMV has stated that doors will open at 11pm on Thursday, November 29th in preparation for the midnight launch.

As well as the chance to pick up a Wii U before sunrise, during the event there will be a chance to get hands-on with Wii U exclusive titles that include ZombiU, Nintendo Land and Super Mario Bros U as well as photo opportunities with zombies and of course, Nintendo’s iconic mascot, Mario alongside the chance to take part in games.

HMV has also revealed that they have managed to secure extra stock of the Wii U which is great news for those that are planning on placing a pre-order down.

“We’re thrilled to be hosting the Official Midnight Launch Event for Wii U at our Oxford Street flagship,” HMV’s games boss Ewan Pinder said. “[It’s] fast-becoming the natural home of all major games launches in the UK.”

Source: Eurogamer.

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