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Recently we posted a thorough write up of Nintendo’s forthcoming Switch. In this article I shared some of my thoughts on this intriguing new tablet/console hybrid, but I thought it would be great to get some opinions from the rest of the NGB staff on how they felt about the system. Was it a promising move from Nintendo? Is it something they’re planning on buying? Does it look like something destined to be as big a footnote in gaming history as the sadly maligned Wii U? Here’s what the gang had to say…

Nick Harrington

As a massive Nintendo fan, one only interested in seeing the company succeed, the event showcasing their new console may have left me with more questions than answers. The eventual charging for online multiplayer after showing little evidence they have any real handle on how to provide an online infrastructure effectively and doubts over whether we’re going to see a stronger support from third parties again of the mediocre Wii-U.

At this point I’m not sure whether Nintendo understand themselves how they fit into the current gaming climate anymore and seem dedicated to recreating the novelty success of the Wii. I think the price is probably wrong for that to happen, but prices change, online services can evolve and games can be developed. If they’re really going to succeed, I think that price needs to drop below the competition by some margin and they need to somehow shed the ethos of bringing dated and inferior titles to the console in favour of new IPs. Inevitably, time will tell with the Switch and either way I feel the industry needs Nintendo. They’re perhaps the last remnant of a time when gaming was in its purest form – hopefully that won’t continue to work against them because let’s be honest, Zelda looks godly.

Gari Clark

I’m extremely excited for what the future holds for the Nintendo Switch but slightly worried at the same time. Nintendo has always given us incredible 1st party games, but my worry is that the 3rd party support won’t happen after a year and the Switch will end up having the same problem as the Wii U had with its game library, due to 3rd party developers having to make a different version of a game for the Switch compared to the PS4 and Xbox One iterations of the same game. If sales of the console dwindle after launch, 3rd party support could become nonexistent like it did with the Wii U.

I want a Nintendo console that not only has amazing 1st party games, but also a library of 3rd party titles that can bring people to the console, as that’s what’s needed. The Wii U ultimately failed because of its 3rd party support being so poor and Nintendo can’t have that happen again.

All in all, I’m quietly confident that the Switch will be a success, but Nintendo needs to make sure everything is done right from a hardware and software perspective.

Deborah Clerkin

No matter what it is, Nintendo always brings out the ecstatic little kid in me. I have never been so excited about a Nintendo console since the Wii, and this has me more elated than ever! As it stands, rumours are rife when it comes to the technical specifications and what games and services are sold on the Nintendo Switch. For me, it is still early days and I will wait for more concrete information before making any criticisms or jumping to conclusions.

I love Nintendo and their innovations. As a kid, it was always Nintendo releases I had to get straight away. Of course, I am also a big fan of the current PS4 (I dropped my original for the 20th Anniversary edition) and Xbox One (Day One edition) systems; for me, these have mostly been about larger AAA titles or games that require a lot of hours with an in-depth and serious storyline to be engrossed in; my alone time. Nintendo for me has always been about fun, portability, family time, co-operative gameplay on the move and quicker gaming sessions between other aspects of my life. The portability of the Nintendo Switch will make my travelling around much more exciting, my annual Mario Kart tournaments will be much more competitive and thrilling with 8 player connectivity and I think the design is fantastic!

It may not reach the graphical standards of other consoles or PC, yes it may be introducing a paid subscription and there are of course worries about developers and Switch relations but for me, my inner child is screaming “you must have this!”. My preorder will remain active unless I am strongly convinced otherwise.

Jonathan Markwell

As someone who’s always liked Nintendo’s more mainstream output but never been part of the Hardcore fanbase, a Switch purchase for me was always going to come down to price. Whereas you can guess most of the releases for the next few years based on their existing IPs, the (apparent but unconfirmed) lack of third party input is a shame but understandable. We do, after all, already have the PS4 and XBoxOne for that, and this could be a by-product of their attempts to do something new and uncharted. This will no doubt harm them in overall sales again, as it’s unlikely to be many people’s sole console if you can’t find decent versions of the big franchises on it. But then again, Nintendo don’t seem to care; they are running their own race, because in terms of online support and free monthly games they are lagging behind the other options on the market. At the moment it’s far from a guaranteed purchase for me, as they once again lean on Mario et al and little else, but I could easily be swayed by a price cut and decent online/subscription options in the future.

Charles Le Sueur

I’ve been a Nintendo fanboy since my parents bought me and my brother a NES way back when. We were Nintendo through and through, and the N64 was the first console I ever saved up for and bought myself.

However, I have felt that after the GameCube, Nintendo fell out of touch with what they were. I haven’t been a fan of the so called “innovations” of the Wii or Wii U and the Switch doesn’t do it for me either.

I will no doubt pick up a Switch, but not for the hardware. Nintendo has always been about the games for me, yet so far other than Zelda, Bomberman and Mario later this year, should I really spend nearly £300 on 3 games?

From the articles appearing recently, Nintendo seem to just keep making bad decision after bad decision. The paid online is one of those. All I really want from Nintendo is to go back to what they do best, which is making consoles with game pads that are game pads, amazing, bright, colourful engaging games and having unbelievable local co-op. The latter is something that seems to have disappeared from all consoles in recent years.


Writes and produces films at independent outfit Shortorme Productions. Records music under the guise of Stage of History. Gamer since the days of the ZX Spectrum. Always on the lookout for something new and fresh.

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