Nintendo TV Goes 3D


Nintendo has today announced that their official on-console show is now available in full 3D on the Nintendo 3DS.

Nintendo TV, creation of the Future Publishing’s Official Nintendo Magazine team, began life on the Wii 18 months ago and has reportedly had over a million views since. The show then made its debut on the 3DS just before Christmas and the latest episode is available right now via the Nintendo eShop, in full 3D.

‘What’s on this visual wonder?’ I hear you ask. Well gamers will be able to watch behind-the-scenes footage, competitions, 3D videos of the latest releases, news and gaming tips. The latest episode features Resident Evil Revelations and reveals news about upcoming titles The Last Story,Mutant Mudds with Pullblox and 3D Classics Kid Icarus also thrown into the mix. Plus there’s a feature filmed at London’s premiere horror attraction in high-definition 3D, the London Bridge Experience – as depicted in our article image.

James Honeywell, Marketing Manager at Nintendo UK said “We are always striving to bring fun and exciting new content to Nintendo 3DS users and Nintendo TV will do just that. We are looking forward to launching a new episode each month, adding to the host of other unique 3D content available from our various partners.” With Lee Nutter, Publisher of Future’s Nintendo Group also making the point that “The new 3D video show really is the first-of-its-kind.”

This seems like a good move by Nintendo in giving 3DS owners a chance to view the games in the format that they were intended, let us know what you think in the comments below.

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