Nintendo Zone Launches Today For Nintendo 3DS


Nintendo 3DS users will be able to  stay connected on the go after Nintendo Zone was launched across Europe today.

Players can use one of the approximately 25,000 hotspot access points across Europe in order to access free and exciting content via their handheld 3DS system. Nintendo Zone comes as a free location based, interactive service that will allow players to access great content which include upcoming trailers of games in 2D and 3D, product information, 2D and 3D screenshots, Nintendo 3DS game demos and free video clips.

In order to access Nintendo Zone, players must make sure that their Nintendo 3DS is up to date with the latest System update. To see where your nearest hot spot is, you can click here. Once you are near a hotspot, an icon will blink to notify you that you are within reach of a compatible Hotspot area.

Let us know what you think of Nintendo Zone via the comment section below.

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