No Man’s Sky: The Abyss


Deep Water is the new Deep Space

It’s not been long since No Man’s Sky reinvented itself with its Next update. No Man’s Sky Next brought many features to the game including new biomes, better crafting and most importantly multiplayer. Since its release we’ve been treated with a number of mini updates in the form of community missions, unlocking new cosmetic items for our characters and more recently a brand-new motorbike.

Not one to shy away from post-release content, Hello Games has today released their next big update – The Abyss. The Abyss focusses on aquatic ‘stuff’ and features a lot of content all for free. 5x more detail in underwater environments, new story missions, a greater amount of underwater fauna and flora, jetpack boosting for speedy swimming and a new submarine vehicle. Throw into the mix a bunch of new construction parts which allow you to create awesome new underwater hideouts and you’ve got yourself a hefty update on your hands.

The trailer below shows this update in a great amount of detail, so give it a watch and get to downloading as it’s out now on all platforms! Did I mention it’s free?

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