No Porsche In Forza Motorsport 4 – EA The Reason


The Forza Motorsport series has always prided itself on having a wide range of exotic cars. Whilst Forza Motorsport 4 will continue this legacy with a larger range than before, one of the most famous manufacturers cars will not be properly licensed in the game unlike in the three games before. Porsche cars will still feature in the game via the RUF manufacturer, who build cars based on the Porsche chassis.

This is not an especially new thing – many games, such as the Gran Turismo titles and the soon to be released Driver: San Francisco don’t have the official Porsche license – but get around this by using RUF who build cars based off Porsche bodies and chassis.

Why the sudden change? Well, Electronic Arts, who own the Porsche license are no longer willing to collaborate with Turn 10 and Microsoft over this due to their increasing hopes for the Need for Speed: Shift series to take on Gran Turismo and Forza Motorsport.

Dan Greenawalt, the lead developer for Turn 10 made his disappointment known in the blog: “This kills me” he writes, “while Forza Motorsport 4 will feature RUF, it will not feature Porsche cars”. He goes on “I’m very sorry for all of this. Fans shouldn’t have to think about any of this – you should just be able to drive Porsches and Ferraris in the games you love.”

Head to the linked blog below for the full story, as well as information on Forza 4’s new feature: “Rivals Mode”, the return of user hosted public lobbies which the community missed so much in Forza 3, the new “car affinity” system, and more.

Source: [Forza Motorsport ‘Under The Hood’ Blog]

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