No Respawn Entertainment Title Till 2015


We all remember the kerfuffle a few years back when two of Infinity Ward’s leading men, Vince Zampella and Jason West, were sacked by Activision and they then moved on to form a new development studio called Respawn Entertainment. Today at a keynote event in Brighton, Respawn’s concept artist, Iain McCaig, dropped a big bombshell by revealing the studio’s first title won’t be released until at least 2015. WOW!

“Thanks to the internet, you can take things and use them as you want, no matter what the law says about it. I think this means there will be a whole new way of using and sharing things,” said McCaig.

“I’m having the most fun working with Respawn Entertainment right now, and I hate that I can’t show you guys what I’m doing there until 2015.”

Various reports are and have been suggesting that the title will be a sci-fi shooter in the mould of Halo, but nothing has been confirmed yet. EA will be publishing the title when it finally gets released.

Thanks to Develop.

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