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North American PS3 FIFA Tournament Starts Friday


Attention North American FIFA players! FIFALeagues.com will soon be hosting an online 32-player FIFA 09 tournament on the PS3. The action begins this Friday March 13th at 20:00 (MST / GMT-7), and there are some great prizes.

The tournament will be on all weekend from Friday to Sunday, with all matches beginning at the same time. Players will battle against eachother in a best-of-three games format (two wins puts you through to the next round) with a single elimination system.

You must register on the website before taking part in the tournament; keep in mind that your account will take upto 24 hours to be approved by one of the admin.

Player Participation Requirements

You must be able to play the tournament all weekend.
You must have a fast broadband connection.
You must live in North America.
You must play the entire tournament Friday to Sunday.
You must read the rules and respect them.
You must follow the tournament deadlines, times and dates.


Xaser VI (details)
PS3 Bluetooth Headset (details)


ROUND 1: Friday March 13th (18:00 MST)
ROUND 2: Friday March 13th (19:00 MST)
ROUND 3: Saturday March 14th (18:00 MST)
ROUND 4: Saturday March 14th (19:00 MST)
ROUND 5: Sunday March 15th (18:00 MST)


  • Winner sends result to the Cup Admin
  • Read our main FIFA leagues rules here
  • Must be a fair player
  • Players must act like professional gamers
  • No quitting after a forbidden move/glitch/cheat
  • The home team is the player who hosts the match
  • No time wasting in your own half (timeplay)
  • No shooting from kick-off (at each kick-off you must make a backward pass)

Meeting Place

All participants must be present in the matchup lobby fifteen minutes before match time.

Player Confirmation

All participants must confirm/check-in with the tournament admin before match time. Failure to confirm with an admin will result in player elimination.


All participants are given ten minutes to play their matches after each round is available, after those ten minutes are up you must confirm with the tournament admin letting him know that your opponent is not present. The player who is missing will be punished with a forfeit loss.

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