Not A Hero (PS4) Review


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(Consider this as an update to our original PC review for Not A Hero, which can be found here. Our score stands, as content-wise, it’s pretty much the same)

Game: Not A Hero
Developer: Roll7
Publisher: Devolver Digital
Reviewed on: PS4 (Review Code Provided)

Not a Hero is bizarre. It’s like someone at Roll7 took a load of weirdness, threw it against a wall and turned what stuck into a game. A game that really isn’t bad!

So how best to describe it… well… a Giant Purple Bunny, make that a Giant Time-Travelling Purple Bunny, named “Bunny Lord”, has come back from the future to ensure that he is elected “Global Mega Lord”. If this event doesn’t take place? The world ends! (Because of course it does)

To get elected, Bunny Lord has a “Fun Club” comprised of hit men (and women) that you control, set with the task of delivering “Rad Justice”. This is done in a way that Great Britain, and even the SAS would frown upon. It’s a good thing it’s only violent drug dealing pixels that have to worry.

As you play you will develop a taste for the character that suits you best. Each one has their own weapon that can’t be changed, so the game balances them by buffing/nerfing other stats or abilities. Some objective require a delicate step so Mike who carries a sawn-off shot gun and a knife is a great choice. His weapon range is poor but you can slide a great distance an execute an enemy without alerting others. Sammy however can reload without stopping which is great when there’s a tight time limit. Her accuracy while on the move is not great though.

Other than character difference in abilities, the game is simple, shoot or tackle and execute your way though the stereotyped enemies that stand between you and bloody, decapitating, explosive world domination for Bunny Lord.

If you pick this title up, don’t be fooled by the first few levels. Each one has a primary object with 3 secondary. The more you complete, the faster you unlock new characters and the better reputation Bunny Lord gains. The first series of levels seem pretty easy and you can smash through the objectives. by the time you are tracking down your second king pin of the underworld, there is a significant difficulty spike. This is good, because it gets you thinking and offers a hearty challenge.

The mechanics are solid and easy to grasp. If you ready our very own Ben Ward’s review back in May 2015, you’ll note that he had some frustration with unfair controls though. I didn’t experience the same as him to my knowledge, but I found a simple hop into cover quite frustrating because this is also how you slide tackle enemies. I think you can agree that sliding up to a big old bruiser with a shotgun, basically saying have a free chance to unload on my face, is not ideal.

The longevity of this title will depend largely on you. if you’re a completionist, you’ll definitely have fun figuring out the play style/character to use in order to complete certain objectives. If you just want to run, gun and be done, then you may get a week out of it if you’re lucky. Either way it’s not a lengthy title, but it’s an Indie game so it’s not meant to be a 50 hour life leach.

All in all, Not a Hero has some fantastic humour, brutal death animations (an achievement when done via pixels) and is pretty fun. You can easily spend a couple of hours trying to perfect a level, or you can kill a bit of time while you wait for your dinner to cook. It’s not going to set the world on fire (As much as Bunny Lord would like to!), but it’s not a regrettable purchase either.


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