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Not so long ago, in the PES galaxy…


As we await yet further details of what is shaping up to be a return to form for PES, I am seriously beginning to think Seabass and the main development team knew exactly what they wanted all along from next-gen PES.

With PES being a franchise that demands a new title every year, and let’s be honest here, our patience isn’t that good that we would be willing to wait a couple of years for a new game in the series to surface, the bridging years between PES2008 and now were always going to be an uphill struggle for the developers and fans alike. It could very well be that the game we look to be getting now was just not possible to be released until it was ready and by this I mean there was simply too much to be done, from scratch, for it to gradually come into being over last couple of years.

More on this after the jump.

In an interview with PSM3, some of which is quoted in the following link and is dated November 23rd 2007 Seabass said the following…

“PES 2009 is in development, but after hearing the criticism, we’ll be taking it back to the drawing board. It might not be next year, but it will be soon”


I think this might well have gotten a little lost in translation. When he referred to “it” when talking about “taking it back to the drawing board”, I think he meant PES as a whole and not PES2009.

Now I know what many will say next : “It wasn’t exactly soon was it, and we still have to get our hands on this latest offering in any case”

Yes, true. So it has come to pass that the taking back to the drawing board of PES, and the results in doing so, are only becoming truly evident it would appear with PES2011. When you think about it though, he was more than likely talking about himself and the development team when he said “It might not be next year, but it will be soon”, but hey, even if his calender was a little off it wouldn’t be the first time a games developer has given an inaccurate time line…would it? When EA took FIFA back to the drawing board we never really saw the results until late 2007, nearly a full two years after the first of the next-gen consoles was released, then you need to consider that next-gen dev kits were with certain developers for some time before that.

Does this excuse the uninspiring efforts that were PES2008, 2009 and 2010 on next-gen? Well, hell no! This isn’t what I am seeking to do here – letting Seabass off the hook (pun intended) as PES 2008, 2009 and 2010 on next-gen should have served up better to us fans. What I am merely looking to suggest is that perhaps the wait for a return to form was sign posted back in November 2007. I re-iterate that this doesn’t mean all is forgiven with regards to the titles that since followed the underwhelming PES2008 up until now, and I am sure with the benefit of hindsight Konami are well aware that these offerings did more harm than good in trying to keep an incredibly patient/impatient (mark as appropriate) fan base happy, as well as costing them some critical acclaim they got from the gaming press while they looked to the long term future. Perhaps Konami should have been a little more pro-active in allowing Seabass and the team to aspire to and realise, their goals sooner, so that these past titles allowed solid next – gen foundations for a more natural, smooth evolution to materialise in the last three years.

We, and the mainstream gaming press do still care however, whether it is manifested in yearly optimism or pessimism. Even the “haters” are showing signs of care and attention regards the series when they look to lash out. It is just a another way of showing care in something they ultimately have an attachment to or very fond memories of.

PES fans are a bit like a hardened Star Wars fan (as in old, as in me!) in this regard. For as much as they might think Lucas has taken a hatchet and looked to kill off completely our fond memories of the original trilogy, we will get back on board and be happier than anybody if he were to somehow come back with something that is a true return to form.

All this however still doesn’t answer the question if Chewbacca would be better in goal or marshalling the defence. I know Yoda would be my deep lying playmaker though. To suggest otherwise would be complete fantasy.

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