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Nuggets Of FIFA 11 Info Emerge


What FSB has always tried to be is a one-stop place for news. With so many avenues for FIFA 11 news to emerge from, sometimes this focus can make sure everyone gets all the juicy info no matter what.

For example, take this piece of information brought to us by forum member Anthony. He grabbed this information from the official EA boards.

First of all Gary Paterson spoke about celebrations and the net editor. Community legend Glen Cooley elaborated on the celebrations, while talking about the new replay save feature.

First of all Gary on celebrations:

If you do not press any direction on the pad then the player will automatically run to the corner and play his trademark celebration, his teammates will run after him and interact.

And now on the net editor:

You can choose the tension (loose or tight) and also the shape (what it looks like when viewed from the side – square or triangle).

Its a small feature but one that was not too tricky for us to put in and one that I know some of the guys on here were interested in.

Now, Glen on the replay feature:

At the end of the match there is a screen which allows you to pick highlights throughout the game and save those highlights.

That’s how it was structured in what we saw. I would assume its the exact same for online.

And finally, his info celebrations:

And players will also be able to interact with teammates after scoring a goal. Producers told us the team is aiming to have more than 90 trademark celebrations in this year’s game.

Have to say, as someone who demands this sort of attention to detail, I’m in total awe at the prospect of what FIFA 11 will offer the entire football gaming community. This is going to be one special game.

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