Nuketown is coming to Black Ops 4 today


Nuke the town dead

Arguably the most iconic modern Call of Duty map, Nuketown, is coming to Black Ops 4 today! (for PS4 owners).

Nuketown has undergone a Russian makeover, sporting propaganda posters and ‘classic’ block capital signage plastered on colourful Russian architecture all draped in a lovely covering of snow. As expected, the map remains largely the same as the previous iterations but it does look to include some new tweaks including a giant fucking nuke which can be launched from the middle of the map.

PS4 players can download the map for free today but it’s not known when Xbox One and PC players will be able to get their hands on it. Sony has an exclusivity deal with Activision that means content comes to its platform seven days before everyone else, so by that logic you won’t have to wait too long before playing it on PC and Xbox.

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