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While browsing the net I noticed an article by the guys over at nxtgamer.com previewing Rockstar’s free roam western action adventure title, Red Dead Redemption and if your planning on spending your hard earned cash on this when it’s released during May then it’s well worth a read as they explain everything of what the game is about and they also go into detail with regards to the multiplayer aspect of the game as well. If you interested in Red Dead Redemption but dont know a great deal about the title, then make sure you read the article below as its very well done indeed –

Red Dead Redemption is a video game developed by Rockstar San Diego, and is the successor to the 2004 release Red Dead Revolver.

The game is a sandbox action-adventure game in a western setting, the game is based in American in the early 1900s; the game is centred around the former outlaw, John Marston. He was given a mission by the government to kill or capture his comrades from the gang he was in, included in this is his old ‘friend’ and the leader of the gang Bill Williamson. If he fails to do this, his family will pay for it. During the games progression Marston is given work that will be done in the open world with free roaming abilities and sandbox environments. The places you will be visiting include old west style towns, prairies, mountain passages, and desert areas. The game has over forty different types of animals that can be hunted, some of which include, elk, beaver, bears, deer, wolves, coyotes, boars, rattlesnakes, ducks, and plenty more will be revealed with the games release.


Gunplay and general combat is a large part of the game. Gunfights in Red Dead Redemption take place using a third-person view. The player can use cover, target a certain enemy, shoot blindly from cover, and aim freely, you will also have the ability to choose specific body parts to aim at. You will have a large assortment of weapons to choose from, these include revolvers, shotguns, lever or bolt-action rifles, dynamite, semi-auto pistols, and a lasso. Two cool features in Red Dead Redemption are when the player shoots an enemy, the game engine creates unique AI reactions, also there is a Dead-Eye targeting system which is able to be used after the Dead-Eye bar is filled, it is executed in a bullet-time like style so the player is able to slow down his surrounding so you can place a more precise shot on your enemies. This allows players to place shots over a enemy or several enemies. Once the user places all of their shots or when the set time elapses, Dead-Eye aiming will end, and the weapon will fire much faster than usual doing much more damage than normal.

The game features an honour system which allows the player to make morality choices that will make you more honourable or less honourable; of course the less honourable side is on the wrong side of the law. For instance, imagine you ran into an encounter where a bank was being robbed, do you stop them and take the more honourable side or do you help them and get a cut of the money but become less honourable. Looting traveller’s bodies also makes you less honourable. Fame is another system which means the decisions you make or the actions you take will make a larger impact the more fame you have.

While you are exploring you will run into random encounters, included in these are things like hangings, ambushes, rescues, and animal attacks. There is also a large variety of mini quests available. Some of the mini-games are gambling, showdowns, bounty hunter, animal hunter, cattle herding, five finger fillet, arm wrestling, and horse shoes. You will also be able to buy treasure maps. Hunting bounties will earn you cash when you either kill or take the criminal back to sheriff, taking him back to the sheriff gives a much larger reward and more positive honour.

It will be much harder to take the criminal alive then it will be to just kill them, but you will be able to weaken them with wound shots or you can hog tie them, after this you must travel back to a town with the criminal and turn him over to the sheriff. Animal hunting is a much easier thing to do; you must kill the animal and then skin it, then sell the skins to a merchant. After killing animals, vultures will appear, triggering a sharpshooter mini game. Completion of this or any other mini game will earn you fame and can unlock different outfits. Also you can buy drinks at bar, act as a security guard for a ranch, and purchase newspapers to learn what’s happening in the game world.


The multiplayer in Red Dead Redemption will be a large part of the overall experience the game has to offer.

The game modes that are to be included are

  • Free roam
  • Hold your own
  • Gold Rush
  • Shoot out
  • Grab the bag

Free Roam: you will be placed in the single player map with up to sixteen other people, you will be able to explore anywhere in the world without being stuck in the same area as each other, you will also be able to do anything besides the main story missions. While in free roam you can split up into smaller groups called a ‘posse’. Each of these will be assigned a leader, the leader can place waypoints on the map and players will be able to teleport instantly to the posse leader.

Hold your own (Capture the flag): Each team holds one base and one bag of gold, the teams must try and get the bag of gold from the opposing team and capture it in their base.

Gold Rush: Bags of gold will be scattered throughout the map. Players must try to collect the bags. More than one bag can be carried at a time, but your speed drops the more bags you are carrying.

Shootout: this is just your standard death-match mode

Grab the bag: There is only one bag of gold and gangs must grab it and take it to their base to score.

You will be able to choose from these and a list of other options regarding multiplayer in the game menu screen.

Thanks again to the guys over at nxtgamer.com for the article.

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