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Official FSB Team Available For Download


The long hours and painstaking attention to detail are over, we battled through Creation Centre crashes and indecisiveness to answer the most commonly asked question in football. Is Suff better than Messi?

We’ve been posting quite a bit about Creation Centre recently, mainly because we really like it. It’s allowed us to take the Official FSB team above and beyond this year with authentic kits and so on.

The team consists of FSB staff members, but because there’s only five of us, we had to pad it out a bit with some licensed players. In the starting 11 you’ll find myself, Dave, Suff, Adam and Asim.

As well as us creating an FSB team, the FVPA have done the same.

Spike from the FVPA has captured some screen shots of the two teams in action against each other.

Download links for both teams are below.

Official FSB 2012 Team Official FVPA 2012 Team


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