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Official Konami PES Feedback Zone At WENB


We are proud to announce the newly added section to our forums in collaboration with Konami. The “Official Konami PES Feedback Zone” has arrived. This zone provides you, the fans of the game with an opportunity to channel your thoughts and desires directly to Konami and the Winning Eleven Productions team.

Official Konami PES Feedback Zone

* This area is directly supervised by Konami.*
Welcome to your chance to participate in the development of PES – where your thoughts go directly to the PES programmers.

There’s nothing more important to us than what fans like you think of PES. It’s only with your help that we can continue to improve PES and deliver the kind of football game simulation that doesn’t just meet your expectations, but blows them away.

That’s why we’re giving you the opportunity to tell the Konami team exactly what you think of the game. Whether you have praises, critique or suggestions for further developments – we want to hear them. And your voice will be heard. All the feedback you provide will be collected, analysed and forwarded directly to the PES Development Team. Plus, the Development Team will also be participating in thread discussions from time to time, so keep an eye out for their comments.

So go on, tell us exactly what’s on your mind!

Before you begin. We know that for true fans, the PES issue is a highly emotional one. To make the exchange of thought as smooth as possible, please read the guidelines below. Write your post according to these suggestions and it will make it easier for both you and us.


(A)     Please keep a reasonable tone and avoid any direct insults and ambiguities. A dialogue based on a mutual respect will result in a more effective thought-sharing process.
(B)     We anticipate a lot of feedback from our fans, so please try to express yourself as precisely as possible and avoid long and complex structured sentences. This will not only make it easier for the Konami team when working with your statements, but also for other members who wish to attend the discussion and share their own thoughts.
(C)     When posting please follow these guideline questions:
1.    How long have you been playing PES?
2.    What are the aspects that you like most about PES?
3.    What are the aspects that you don’t like about PES?

We are eagerly awaiting your comments. And once you’ve shared your thoughts, spread the word to other PES fans everywhere!
This is your chance to have a voice – so have your say!

PES talks to their community – PES listens to their community – PES loves their community

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