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Online Connections, Konami Want Your Feedback!


It’s feedback/survey time again, and this time it’s an important one. Konami want your feedback regarding the online side of PES, specifically connection quality.

If you follow me on Twitter or just read my ramblings you’ll know that I’ve been going on about PES needing to improve the online side of things for a while now. PES 2015 made a decent step, but compared to FIFA and other online games it’s still lagging behind. If you have a decent connection, the online experience should be as close or if not identical to the offline one in terms of smoothness and stability.

Anyway, this is your chance to have your say and please do. This is an extremely important survey. Your feedback really matters. Below you’ll find links to the survey in various languages, so please share it with other PES fans around the world.

English: http://www.pesfan.com/online-feedback/?l=en
Spanish: http://www.pesfan.com/online-feedback/?l=es
Portuguese: http://www.pesfan.com/online-feedback/?l=br

French: http://www.pesfan.com/online-feedback/?l=fr
Italian: http://www.pesfan.com/online-feedback/?l=it
German: http://www.pesfan.com/online-feedback/?l=de

Brazilian Portuguese: http://www.pesfan.com/online-feedback/?l=br
Latin American Spanish: http://www.pesfan.com/online-feedback/?l=la

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