OnLive Announce Indie Showcase In Partnership With IGF


OnLive, the pioneer of on-demand Cloud gaming and also the Gold Sponsor of the 14th Annual Independent Games Festival, have announced they will be bringing the festival to the masses with a 2 week indie showcase.

The showcase today until March 11th and gamers from the UK and US can play an awesome lineup 16 current IGF nominees and honorable mentions free via the OnLive gaming service. Once they have played the games, they can ‘Like’ their favourites through OnLive’s Official Facebook page. On March 12th, the monday that follows on from the 2012 Independent Games Festive, OnLive will announced which game received the most likes and which was most played.

Also, starting on 12:01 AM EST March 5th which is also the opening day of the Game Developers Conference, previously honoured IGF games will go on sale with 75% off. Free demo’s will also be available to everyone. The 16 IGF nominated games are as follows:

Atom Zombie Smasher (Blendo Games)

Be Good (DigiPen Institute of Technology)

Botanicula (Amanita Design)

Dear Esther (The Chinese Room)

Dustforce (Hitbox Team)

English Country Tune (Stephen Lavelle)

Frozen Synapse (Mode 7 Games)

FTL (Justin Ma and Matthew Davis)

Lume (State of Play Games)

Nitronic Rush (DigiPen Institute of Technology)

Once Upon a Spacetime (RMIT)

POP (Rob Lach)

SpaceChem (Zachtronics Industries)

To the Moon (Freebird Games)

Toren (Swordtales)

WAY (CoCo & Co.)

You can spread the word about your favourite games through much more than Likes. Gamers are able to share their best and worst moments by posting Brag Clip videos on your Facebook or just let friends know what you are playing with a simple status notification. Gamers can also drop into OnLive’s massive spectating Arena in order to watch the games being played live.

Steve Perlman, Founder and CEO of OnLive had the following to say:

“We love bringing innovative new game experiences to our users, and helping independent developers get their games out to a broad audience,The OnLive Indie Showcase lets gamers everywhere share their enthusiasm for these leading-edge games.”

Meggan Scavio, Director of the Game Developers Conference added the following:

“Our mission has always been to give innovative indie titles the exposure and recognition they deserve, By partnering with OnLive and leveraging their cloud-gaming technology, we can take that exposure even further by putting these incredible indie titles in the hands of users across the US and UK.”

Will you be trying out these indie games? Let us know what ones you are most looking forward to playing via the comment section below.

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