OnLive Exclusive Batman: Arkham City Demo Now Available


Good news, OnLive gamers! You can now log-in to your account and sample the first 30 minutes Batman: Arkham City for free.

The Dark Knight’s latest adventure has been released on the PC in North America today, but doesn’t launch in the UK until November 25th. That means UK gamers can sample the game, exclusively via OnLive, three days before the PC version is officially released.

We reviewed Batman: Arkham City recently, awarding it a very impressive 9/10, which means you should really go and play the OnLive demo now!


Remember, Batman: Arkham City can be “played instantly on HDTV and almost any PC or Mac, with no discs, no large downloads and no high-performance hardware required”. That’s what OnLive is all about.

If you’ve yet to create an OnLive account, you can do so by visting or, depending on where you are based.

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