Onyx Wireless PS4 Controller coming next week


More ways to play!

Another officially licensed PlayStation 4 controller is on the way – the Onyx Wireless controller by Hori.

Since October of last year, Sony has announced and released a set of third-party, officially licensed, controllers for the PlayStation 4. The Onyx Wireless controller is the latest offering and it’s releasing worldwide from January 15th, next week.

Let’s not beat around the bush here, the Onyx controller largely resembles that of the Xbox One’s with its asymmetrical control sticks and placement of the d-pad. But it certainly looks slick and varied enough to give PlayStation owners a bit of choice when it comes to how they want to play their games. The Onyx controller follows the release of Hori Mini Pad which is aimed at a younger audience and those with smaller hands [something, something Donald Trump].

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