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UK magazine has its priorities.

I’m not one to go after the media individually, their opinions always seem skewed and most of them show a true lack of understanding. Just this once however, I’m making an exception. The other day I was listening to the latest podcast by Official PlayStation Magazine UK, and was stunned when they started to talk about a recent hands on with PES 2013. It was not only the previewers description of the game, but also the experience of the day.

But lets talk PES first, and his main statement about PES was that the game was doing ‘some really nice things with the passing and shooting’, before finishing off by saying ‘but the animations are still poor’. The criticizing of the tech in PES 2013 goes on, before the previewer blatantly lies and states ‘some community guys were there and they were screaming with delight…it’s not a good game’.

First of all, I want to say that was completely untrue. Myself, Suffwan (who actually played and beat person in question Joel Gregory), Asim and Alan kept ourselves to ourselves. The people who were screaming and shouting, if you are reading Joel, were other press members who loved the game. And who, like many of the media, are preferring gameplay over animations. Get your facts straight next time, hey?

The main point of this post though wasn’t to just have a dig at OPM, more to publicly ask the question to you all: should it be animations over gameplay? I have no problem with anyone disliking the game, but to skip over gameplay positives because the animations weren’t as good as hoped surely isn’t right?

Animations in general are a touchy subject within the PES community, and I feel will remain for a while especially as PES 2013 isn’t improving them a great deal. But I’ll sum it up simply:

For me FIFA is a technically wonderful game. Filled with fantastic animations, and a game that bursts into life once the game gets going. It’s an amazing experience. BUT, I don’t play it. I play PES. I prefer the gameplay of PES, and for me that is the reason why I’m still a huge PES fan. Why have a beautiful moving game that plays poorly?

I’m hopeful this is the last year we complain about the animations in PES, and next year with the new engine we have a game that can compete with FIFA on a technical level. Oh, and hopefully it’s enough to make the guys at OPM actually give it a chance.

Over to you.

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