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OPM Hits The Shelves



The last of the UK press who went to Tokyo to write impressions about PES 2011 are the Official PlayStation Magazine, and in their latest magazine they devout 4 pages to their experiences, including a Seabass interview.

Other than impressions, no new screens or content, but they make up for that with something very interesting regarding the surprise Konami/Seabass have for PES 2011.

In their interview, following on from a question about licenses OPM asked Sebass:

Is that (licenses) in anyway connected with the ‘special surprise’ you said you are planning?

Seabass replied with:

Yes, you’re spot on!

So after net editor chitchat, it seems the surprise has totally stunned everyone! Could it be the EPL? Or Bundesliga? Maybe the surprise is a fully open edit mode, meaning licenses aren’t an issue? Right now we have completely no idea what it is, but look forward to finding out.

Regarding OPM’s impressions, I’m happy to say its extremely positive, with reference to Konami trying to get the ‘Purists Choice’ crown back. PS2 days all over again 😉 To get the full impressions make sure you pick up the mag.

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