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OPM: PES Saved By PBS?


A really interesting article about PES 2010 can be found in the latest Official PlayStation Magazine, released June 9th.

PBS, for those who haven’t already guessed by the header, is a baseball game. Called Pro Baseball Spirits (PBS; Konami love their abbreviations), its been one of the games coming out from Konami that has done itself justice on the nextgen platform. The guys at OPM discuss how the quaility of the most recent PES 2010 screens lend themselves to the baseball game, and proves that in-house tech sharing is going on behind the scenes. Have to say was an interesting read, make sure you check it out next week on the news stands.

Aside from that nothing news worthy (PES related) in the latest magazine. Looks like we’re going to have to look forward to July 9th, when PSM3 finally get their hands-on!

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