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OPM UK Has Its Say


All these magazine updates make me feel like an online WH Smith store! But I’m sure it’s something many of you guys would like to be aware of, and WENB provides news of varying importance after all.

So onto the article then. Again we have the issue early, you won’t see this on actual WH Smith shelves until May 12th, but yet again there’s nothing of real importance. The ‘news’ in the magazine focuses on the A.I., as you can tell from the header. Speaking of player reactions and individual mannerisms, its the same news we got from its French counterpart yesterday. Further into the magazine there’s another article on how they would improve PES as series, but again there’s nothing different to what you see on the boards on a daily basis.

That pretty much rounds up a month of magazine releases, meaning no PES exclusive news in any magazine. Lets hope we don’t have to wait until next month for our PES fix.

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