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OPM's Guide To Mastering The Master League


In this months issue of Official PlayStation Magazine you’re not only treated to a nice indepth preview of God War 3, but also an experts guide on all things to do with the PS3. Included within this feature is a quick guide on how to conquer the Master League!

Without upsetting the folks who put together the magazine by posting a scan of the page and a half of info (something we’re known for ;)), I’ll just briefly let you know what’s in the feature.

There’s 6 key points that OPM wants you to focus on, and these are:

  1. Pick a system and stick to it
  2. How to buy a superstar on a cheap
  3. Clear out the deadwood
  4. Cheating the transfer window
  5. Rotate consistently
  6. Buy young talent

Each of these things are explained in full in the magazine, so if you think you might find it useful go and buy the magazine!

Why not discuss your master league experiences in our dedicated thread!

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